Party Pack ICE

The Stephanies (alt. take)–written by Adam Hopkins–performed by Party Pack ICE, recorded, mixed & mastered by Nathaniel Morgan 2015

Patrick Breiner-tenor saxophone (solo)
Eric Trudel-tenor saxophone
Dustin Carlson-guitar
Nathan Ellman-Bell-drums

Party Pack! is a band dedicated to exploring the combination of late-90’s grunge rock with free improvisation in a trio setting. Dustin Carlson and Adam Hopkins contribute compositions. The trio covers a lot of varied ground and let their influences run rampant, feeling equally at home opening for a band like Sonic Youth as they would opening for Tim Berne.

For one show the band was expanded to become Party Pack ICE which is the same trio with the addition of tenor players Patrick Breiner and Eric Trudel. After that one gig the band will likely never return to being a trio, but continue on as a quintet.

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