Signal Problems’ Love Letter Release and mini-Tour

Signal Problems (Danny Gouker, Eric Trudel, AH, and Nathan Ellman-Bell) are releasing our second album in the coming weeks, entitled Love Letter. We are going on a little tour next week to celebrate this. Danny made a pretty funny promo video that has almost no music in it. We will be playing in the following places, and would love to see you there!

April 17th 11:00a: Masterclass at Towson University
April 17th 8:00p: Signal Problems//The Fun Boys @ The Hippo Hut
April 18th 7:30p: Scott Clark 4tet // Signal Problems at Black Iris (Richmond)
April 19th 5:00p: Happy Hour w/ Signal Problems! (note we’re NOT playing the “Love Letter” set at this one)
April 20th 7:00p: House concert in Ellicott City, MD (message for details)

And here is a preview track from the album, with a little background info about the piece, written by Danny:

Love Letter is a one-of-a-kind 25-30 minute, semi-theatrical suite created by the band, Signal Problems over the period of several years. It starts with a musical interpretation of a mad-lib, and an engine of free association and word play propel the suite on a journey that is unique to each performance. Though there might be a secret theme to any given performance, every performance has many different possible interpretations, and often these differences in interpretation are enacted by the band in real time. Performances are often humorous, but can turn serious in an instant and turn back just as quickly.

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