May 1 @ 65Fen Music Series: Roberts / Hoffman / Hopkins TRIO

In recent news, the 65Fen Music Series, which I help curate with a crew of awesome people, is going on a hiatus after our May 15 show. The series still has a lot of momentum, but we are searching for a new venue to host our weekly Monday night series. Some things in the works, but not firm enough to announce just yet.

So that makes May 1 my last curated concert in the current space, which is near and dear to my heart. I can’t think of a more exciting way to go out than to share a set of music with one of my favorite musical collaborators Chris Hoffman on cello. We’ll play a duo set of some varied things–trying out some new material for Bells & Wires, but in this reduced format. We play at 10:00p, but be sure to come early to hear Jason Mears & Quentin Tolimieri at 9:00p. I’ll miss the current space for sure, but am hopeful and excited for the future of the series. I made a flier:

UPDATE: Hank Roberts has awesomely agreed to play with Chris and I on May 1 at 65Fen. I have been trying to set up shows with Hank and Chris to play duo for some time, so I hope I don’t mess up that idea. Hank is one of my all-time musical heroes, so this makes a show that I was already quite excited about that much more exciting!

Hoffman:Hopkins 5:1

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