Upcoming January 2014: Haverchuck and Quartet Debut

A lot of great stuff to look forward to in the new year music-wise, but I’m especially looking forward to a couple of mid-January shows where I get to present some of my own new music. On January 15 Haverchuck will be playing at Barbes as part of Oscar Noriega’s Palimpsestic Series. It is one of my favorite regularly occurring Brooklyn music series’ so I’m very excited to present this music. The details:

Wednesday 1/15–Haverchuck @ Barbes, 376 9th Street, Brooklyn NY, as part of the Palimpsestic Series curated by Oscar Noriega, AH-bass, compositions; Nathaniel Morgan-alto; Eric Trudel-tenor; Josh Sinton-bari, bass clarinet; Jonathan Goldberger-guitar; Devin Gray-drums, one set at 8pm, barbesbrooklyn.com

And on January 20 I will be premiering a brand new quartet, which is basically what was previously my trio + the ever-amazing Ed Rosenberg on tenor sax. Ed, Anna Webber, and myself have played trio a couple of times for fun, and they sound ridiculously amazing together, so I decided to just expand the trio to include Ed. I’m beyond excited about it. Big thanks to Yoni Kretzmer for inviting us to be a part of the Evolving Music Series. I need to name this group. The details:

Monday 1/20–Adam Hopkins Quartet @ Evolving Music Series, Clemento Soto Valez, 107 Suffolk St, New York NY, Anna Webber-tenor; Ed Rosenberg-tenor; AH-bass, compositions; Jason Nazary-drums, 7:30p, Evolving Music Series

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