Haverchuck Premier at Douglass Street 5.17.13

I’m very excited that a band that has been in the works for almost a year now has finally played it’s first (of hopefully many more to come) gig. Haverchuck is a sextet I formed last summer to play some new music, written specifically with these people in mind. The band features Nathaniel Morgan, Eric Trudel, and Josh Sinton on reeds, Jonathan Goldberger on guitar, myself on bass, and Devin Gray on drums. I must say that is an awesome an energetic combination of people, and I really love the way that they play my music.

Our first performance was at Douglass Street Music Collective as part of the great Drinks With Friends series co-curated by Josh Sinton, Will McEvoy, and Jake Henry. The music still has some growing to do, and maybe some cleaning up, but for a first performance the energy and the vibe are already there, which is often the hardest part. Anybody can rehearse tough music and get it clean, right? These guys get the music, and they play it in a way that makes me super excited to do more with it. More to come on that. For now I’m happy to share a clip from the performance, which is the first piece I wrote for the band. It would typically feature a long and awesome duo intro by Josh and Nathaniel, but for time and website space I had to cut it a bit short. It does feature a rager of a solo by Jonathan. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

Sextet #1 (A. Hopkins): [audio https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12689570/Website%20Sound%20Clips/SextetOne%28edit%29.mp3]


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