Out of Your Head Brooklyn starts February 19 at Freddy’s Bar!

Many of you reading this are already aware of the Out of Your Head Collective and the history behind it, so I won’t go into much detail. Guitarist Matt Frazao and myself founded this collective of improvising musicians in Baltimore in 2009 and there has been a weekly performance by OOYH pretty much every week for the past three years at The Windup Space in Station North. I’ve decided to start a chapter of the collective in Brooklyn and the first performance will be Sunday, February 19 at Freddy’s Bar in South Slope. I’ve made some of my best friends through OOYH in Baltimore, and I can never ever thank Russell de Ocampo enough for supporting this vision, so I’m very excited to be expanding to the north. For now we’ll be appearing every 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month at Freddy’s Bar (627 5th Ave, BK NY). In the tradition of OOYH there will never be a cover (but we will accept donations for the musicians) and it will always start at 9:30pm, two sets of completely improvised music by a band that has never played together before. Fun! More details at outofyourhead.org.

Here’s the full schedule for OOYH BK through April 2012. For more info follow us at twitter.com/outofyourheadbk. Hope to see you out!

Sunday 2/19:

Set One (9:30p): Nathaniel Morgan-alto; Josh Sinton-reeds; Jonathan Goldberger-guitar; Kate Pittman-drums

Set Two (11pm): Timo Vollbrecht-reeds; Rick Parker-trombone; Dustin Carlson-guitar; Landon Knoblock-keyboards; Devin Gray-drums

Sunday 3/4:

Set One (9:30p): Ed Rosenberg-tenor; Patrick Breiner-tenor; Flin van Hemmen-drums; +TBA

Set Two (11pm): Adam Schatz-tenor; Kirk Knuffke-cornet; Shannon Barnett-trombone; Patricia Franceschy-vibes; Will McEvoy-bass; Tim Kuhl-drums

Sunday 3/18:

Set One (9:30p): Pablo Moser-tenor; Joe Moffett-trumpet; Mariel Berger-accordian; David Grollman-snare drum

Set Two (11pm): Yoni Kretzmer-tenor; Brad Henkel-trumpet; Sebastian Noelle-guitar; Sebastian Ammann-keyboards; Haim Peskoff-drums

Sunday 4/1:

Set One (9:30p): Ben Syversen-trumpet; Mike Gamble-guitar; Carlo Costa-drums

Set Two (11pm): Caleb Curtis-alto; Jon Lindhorst-tenor; Josh Reed-trumpet; John Blevins-trumpet; Matt Plummer-trombone; Keisuke Matsuno-guitar; Nico Soffiato-guitar; Adam Miller-drums

Sunday 4/15:

Set One (9:30p): Jonah Parzen-Johnson-reeds; Kenny Warren-trumpet; Ryan Mackstaller-guitar; Noah Garabedian-bass; Devin Drobka-drums

Set Two (11pm): Jake Henry-trumpet; Dave Miller-guitar; Xander Naylor-guitar; Matt Rosseau-drums

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