Free Sounds: John Dierker’s Holiday Sextet @ The Red Room 12.30.11

John Dierker is one of my favorite musicians in the whole word, both to play with and to listen to. I have the pleasure of working with him often as members of Quartet Offensive and Lubbock, and in a number of varied improvised ensembles (an impromptu duo performance as a result of two people not showing up for OOYH is one of my favorite musical memories…and one of my biggest regrets for not having my mp3 recorder). He is truly one of the gems in the Baltimore creative and improvised music scene. Other people recognize this as well, which is why the Red Room features John every holiday season in a year-end improvised blowout concert. The band he put together this year was top-notch, and I was honored to perform with these amazing musicians and great friends. This years holiday ensemble featured John on reeds; Dave Ballou-trumpet; Marc Miller-guitar; Chris Pumphrey-rhodes; AH-bass; and Will Redman-drums. More video to come…this is the first segment from the performance. Enjoy!

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