Free Sounds: BeepHonk (Ballou / Pirog / Hopkins / Kuhl) @ Birkfest 12.18.11

Just a quick post to share some live recordings that I’ve been a part of lately. BeepHonk is a new band that I’m REALLY excited about. We were formed as a one-time-only ensemble as part of the Out of Your Head Collective, and the band played so well together that we decided to continue as a fully functional band. There are some very loose compositions written for the band that we sometimes play and sometimes ignore. In this particular Birkfest set (our third gig, including the OOYH set) we more chose to ignore the written material. The band is Dave Ballou-trumpet, Anthony Pirog-guitar, AH-bass, and Mike Kuhl-drums. Stay tuned for more from this band…more gigs and a record hopefully in the works soon. Enjoy:

BeepHonk @ Birkfest 12.18.11

1) Fluffer Nutter (D. Ballou)

2) Scratch & Sniff (A. Hopkins)

3) BeepHonkChuckle (A. Hopkins)

4) Nice Spot (D. Ballou)

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