Out of Your Head Complete Fall Schedule

Guitarist Matt Frazao and myself have a lot of musical projects together. We play together in and both write music for Quartet Offensive which is still playing these days and recording a live album at An Die Musik on August 25. In March 2009 we created this thing called Out of Your Head.  Many of you know what it is, so I won’t go into any detail but there is a lot more information at outofyourhead.org. With the help of our great friend Russell de O’Campo (Windup Space owner) it has grown beyond out belief, involving over 50 creative musicians in Baltimore, and seeing steady crowds each week for our performances. Seeing these bands perform every Tuesday is my favorite part of the week and we couldn’t do it without the awesome musicians who are part of the collective.

We just finished the schedule for the rest of August, September, and October and it is a good one.  Lots of amazing bands in here.  The collective performs every Tuesday night at the Windup Space (12 W North Ave) in Baltimore from 9:30p to midnight.  And it is always free. Here’s the full schedule for Fall 2011 (OOYH Fall Schedule):

August 16–Ben Frock-trumpet; Susan Alcorn-pedal steel guitar; Jackie Pollauf-harp

August 23–Danny Gouker-trumpet; Janel Leppin-cello; Chris Pumphrey-rhodes; Will Redman-drums

August 30–Eric Trudel-reeds; Matt Rynes-reeds; Mike Cerri-trumpet; Savino Palumbo-piano; Patrick McAvinue-violin; Zack Branch-cello; Zach Swanson-bass

September 6–John Dierker-reeds; Matt Frazao-guitar; Jack Leckie-bass; Mike Ross-drums

September 13–Peter Formanek-sax; Anthony Pirog-guitar; Brian Brunsman-bass; Alan Munshower-drums

September 20–Colin Renick-reeds; Adam Hopkins-bass; Ethan Snyder-drums

September 27–Amanda Bloom-voice; Lauren Shusterich-voice; Erik Spangler-turntables, electronics

October 4–Dave Ballou-trumpet; Blake Cramer-vibraphone; Michael Ronstadt-cello; Mike Kuhl-drums

October 11–Anna Meadors-sax; Dan Wallace-sax; Dan Ryan-guitar; Jason Cohen-drums

October 18–Derrick Michaels-sax; Jon Lipscomb-guitar; Kevin Gift-keyboards; Mike Ross-drums

October 25–John Dierker-reeds; Andrew Delclos-bassoon; Liz Meredith-viola; Alex Weber-bass; Nathan Ellman-Bell-drums

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